Keyz Vango, was born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised in the small city of Middletown, NY,  just past an hour drive from New York City. Growing up in a family full of musicians, he was destined to grow interest in creating music and picked up playing a variety of instruments including the drums and trumpet, with the piano being his main choice. As his obsession with creating music continued to grow he would soon discover how to make his own beats by the age of 14.

Shortly after dropping out of college his junior year, Keyz made a decision to move out on his own to NYC in pursuit of his dreams of breaking into the music industry as a producer/songwriter. After a few years of producing and writing for many local NYC artists, Vango is now shifting his focus towards his own artistry and is taking his music to all new heights. With influences ranging from Hip-Hop, R&B, and Electronic music, a unique blend of synthesizers over a bed of heart throbbing 808 drums can be heard in his songs with his ability to seamlessly fuse them together in a single composition. Keyz mainly credits producers like Kanye West, The Neptunes, Timbaland and Ryan Leslie for inspiring him to take a "different" approach to music production across a variety of genres. He also notes singer/songwriters such as Frank Ocean, The Dream and The Weeknd as being the main spark that provided him with the confidence to pursue writing songs from a deeper yet minimalist approach while still challenging himself lyrically.

-- "I'm far more than just a 'beat maker' ...I try to take my music to a depth beyond just a catchy beat and random words. I think music brings out a certain type of emotion from within all of us and our emotions are a direct reflection of our actions. When I produce or write a song, I like to build different sounds and arrange words around what either the artist or myself is feeling at the moment and I try to find ways of using unique melodies to make a connection with that specific feeling. That's what makes it — art... My ultimate goal is to paint a perfect picture to the listener while taking their music experience through a journey of pure emotion". -- Keyz Vango